Caption Challenge: Goose crossing


The Caption Challenge is now closed.

Here are the winning entries.

There is still no prize, except the traditional small quantity of kudos.

6. John Ledbury, Bournemouth

"Goose to control tower, goose to control tower, on runway, permission to take off please."

"Come on Danny, stop playing about, and get up here."

5. Tyler Johnson, Mount Airy, USA

It's not just cars that can honk on the road...

4. Simon Rooke, Nottingham

Fined for jaywalking? Put it on my bill.

3. Boz, Bristol

"I'm just going for a gander over here."

2. SkarloeyLine, Middlesex

"I don't care if Christmas is coming, some of us believe in a healthy diet and exercise regime."

1. Robert Lindsay, Cardiff

OK, so where exactly is my lady's chamber?

Full rules can be seen here [16KB]

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