10 things we didn't know last week

1. There's a polar bear jail in Churchill, Manitoba - an old aircraft hangar containing 28 cells for bears who wander into town.

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2. The Volkswagen Beetle was originally called the Strength Through Joy Car (KdF-Wagen).

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3. China has 10,000 mooncake makers.

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4. Stephen Hawking owns the last three machines in the world that give him his distinctive voice as the company that made them has gone into liquidation.

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5. A 1928 Yiddish-English-Hebrew dictionary may be the first official record of "meh".

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6. George Bush Sr once played keepy-uppy on David Frost's lawn.

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7. Children who read for pleasure are better at maths.

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8. Prince William relaxes to buffalo and cricket noises played on his iPhone.

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9. Glaswegians are starting to sound like Cockneys because of EastEnders.

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10. After the collapse of a Roman bridge in the 4th Century there was no crossing of the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria for 1,600 years.

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