Paper Monitor: A story of pants


"Journalist" is a word with so many meanings. Woodward and Bernstein are journalists. So is Jan Moir.

If you are a journalist at a party and a new acquaintance asks what you do, there's often an urge to emphasise the, ahem, more serious aspects of one's oeuvre.

The actual work one normally does is pushed down inside. To a dark place.

Not for Paper Monitor. Today, it wishes it had written one thing and one thing alone.

"What your pants say about you".

Page four and five of the "Me" section of the Sun are features journalism at its apogee. Six women are featured, united by their: a) ownership of pants and b) willingness to be pictured wearing said pants in a national newspaper.

Jennie speaks of her "massive derriere" while Carrie reveals that men love cami knickers and not thongs. Anikka drops a bombshell: "Going commando is a bit like having a naughty secret."

We salute you.

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