10 things we didn't know last week

Image caption Miley Cyrus, whose on-stage twerking proved to be quite a talking point

1. Wearing camouflage clothing is an offence in Barbados.

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2. Some 20 million people in the UK and Ireland have genes that produce red hair.

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3. The first known use of the verb "to twerk" was in a 1995 single by the rapper Cheeky Blakk.

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4. A valley longer than the Grand Canyon is hidden beneath ice in Greenland.

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5. The average personal space boundary is between eight and 16in (20-40cm) from a person's face.

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6. Light therapy helps bullied mice overcome anxiety.

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7. Qatar takes into account people's occupation before deciding whether they can apply for a driving licence.

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8. Texters who send messages to a driver may be held liable in the event of a crash in New Jersey.

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9. Steve Ignorant, singer with anarchist punk band Crass, now works on a lifeboat.

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10. The average age among employees in the US restaurant industry - including fast food outlets - is 29.

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