10 things we didn't know last week

1. Nasa employs a "chief sniffer" who smells materials and components before they are used in space.

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2. The most tweeted moment of all time came when Japanese TV screened a classic anime film.

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3. Birds are aware of speed limits on roads.

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4. Toilet users in Shenzhen, China, can be fined if they fail to urinate accurately.

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5. Polyamorous people have invented a word to indicate the opposite feeling of jealousy - compersion.

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6. Volcanoes in New Zealand once were warriors, believe the Maori, who also regard these mountains as ancestors.

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7. US Supreme Court justices use ivory paper memos rather than emails.

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8. Donkeys in Kenya's Rift Valley take "annual leave" from their owners.

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9. Wolves howl more when they lose a close friend.

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10. People shown silent videos of piano competitions can pick out the winners more often than those who are also played the music.

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