10 things we didn't know last week

1. Sauropod dinosaurs probably had stiff necks.

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2. You can track migration by monitoring vegetable sales.

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3. Gandhi was worried about people skim-reading his work.

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4. The first recorded incorrect use of the word "literally" was in 1769.

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5. Climate change is altering the taste and texture of Fuji apples.

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6. Women who fear being forced to marry abroad are advised to hide a spoon in their underwear.

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7. There's a Kenyan tradition of running naked at night.

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8. Ecosystems still feel the effects of animal extinctions from ancient times.

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9. Police in Seattle distribute information about local drug laws using packets of Doritos.

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10. A small raccoon, known as an olinguito, lives in the cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador.

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