Paper Monitor: Jumper trouble

Just as the recent debate over men and red trousers appears to have abated, the sartorial banter in the letters pages of the Telegraph is warming to a new theme.

This time it's how to wear a jumper - when you're not actually wearing it.

Image caption Looking good

The temperature has dropped somewhat. So what is a gentleman to do when he's out for the day knowing that at any time the clouds might roll over the sun heralding the need for an extra article of clothing? Well, of course, he casually slings a jumper over his shoulders for later.

This look was big in the 80s in the UK, and is still big in Spain and Italy. But it's is not to everyone's taste.

On Wednesday, a Telegraph reader pointed out that for middle-aged men this was a fashion faux pas on a par with red trousers. James Logan said that this was made worse if the offending items were "yellow or pink".

So far, so yacht club.

But today, Tony Parrack defends the "jumper over the shoulders" look. "Most of us," he writes, "find it preferable to knotting it around an already ample middle-aged 'tum'."

Paper Monitor suggests that the jumper could, conceivably, be used to cover up the odd bulge.

Moving on, John Austin admits to having draped his jumper over his shoulders for many years. And in case anyone is in doubt as to what to do with the sleeves, "a loose knot around the neck" is preferable to them hanging down.

An absolute "No no" is turning up the collar of a polo shirt before draping that jumper over your shoulders.

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