Paper Monitor: The spy who blogged me

The affair of Edward Snowden, the CIA computer specialist who has fled his homeland after leaking US government secrets, throws a light on how our online data is used.

Especially if that data happens to be the blog of a CIA computer specialist's partner in various states of undress, subtitled "Adventures of a world-travelling, pole-dancing superhero".

Pictures of Lindsay Mills go a long away to fill up the front few pages of today's papers. Even the Daily Telegraph, never knowingly salacious, devotes a large part of its front page to the 28-year-old who it terms curiously as a "woman of fiery colour".

It also describes how - in one of her pictures - "she stands in her underwear over a male friend, who is handcuffed... and feeds him a biscuit," but adds that "the blog has now been removed".

Either way, it keeps the papers interested in the story of Edward Snowden.

It all reminds Paper Monitor of an old Private Eye spoof headline, "Relief as hostage is revealed to have good-looking girlfriend".

Only the Guardian resists the pictorial temptations of Ms Mills, with the drier headline: "Not your average tourist: how the spy story of the age leaked out" (in other words, a reminder that it was the Guardian what broke the story).

Time for a cold shower and a lie-down. And maybe a biscuit.

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