10 things we didn't know last week

1. Sleep deprived men think women are more amorous than they actually are.

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2. You can steer a helicopter with your thoughts.

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3. Designer John Galliano was so cosseted he had no idea how to use a cash machine.

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4. One visitor a month is bitten by monkeys at London Zoo.

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5. Obese mice have fat grandchildren (not fat children).

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6. Babies learn to grimace in the womb so they can show they are unhappy after birth.

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7. Shares bought by female company directors do better in the long-term than those bought by male directors.

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8. In France's Bac Litteraire, philosophy counts more than any other subject.

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9. Caterpillars can turn trees white.

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10. Boys are given names containing larger sounding vowels than girls.

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