10 things we didn't know last week

1. The French had no official word for French kissing… until now. It's "galocher".

Find out more (CBS)

2. XXXXXL size is being introduced for men at department store Debenhams, a three-X leap from its former largest size XXL.

Find out more (Daily Mail)

3. There's a secret rotating button underneath pedestrian push button boxes so blind people know when to cross.

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4. At least one in 13 of us have feet that are specially adapted for climbing trees.

More details (New Scientist)

5. A new atomic clock, which is the most accurate ever, uses ytterbium atoms and lasers to precisely define a second.

More details (Smithsonian Magazine)

6. Time doesn't fly when you're having fun (we just remember a lot more detail than normal after enjoying something so think it went quickly).

Find out more (Daily Mail)

7. Shrimp, tuna and salmon account for more than half of the fish consumed in the United States.

Find out more (LA Times)

8. 6X8 is the multiplication children get wrong most while 9x12 takes longest.

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9. Nottingham is Britain's poorest city.

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10. More than a third of legislators in Brazil switched political parties between 1991 and 1994.

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