10 things we didn't know last week

1. Moustache transplants are popular in Turkey.

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2. Chilli flourishes beside basil but struggles to grow near fennel.

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3. John Le Carre has a poster on his office wall saying "Keep Calm and Le Carre On".

Find out more (The Times)

4. It's a myth that London tap water has already been drunk seven times or more.

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5. Michael Gove is learning the ukulele.

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6. Moths have the sharpest hearing in the animal kingdom.

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7. If the Queen's Speech is amended, the prime minister must resign.

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8. Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix tried to recruit Paul McCartney for a super group.

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9. Messiah is in the top 400 names for boys in America.

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10. The French use the saying "un self-made man".

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