10 things we didn't know last week

1. Midsomer Murders is massive in Denmark.

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2. Quick fingerspellers can do the alphabet in five or six seconds.

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3. Fruit fly maggots have cannibalistic tendencies.

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4. "Lucifer" and "." (full stop) are banned baby names in New Zealand.

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5. The northern snakehead fish - aka "Fishzilla" - can live under ice and survive for days on land.

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6. Crying baby contests are held in Japan.

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7. A hurricane on Saturn has winds of 330mph and an eye 12 times the size of the UK.

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8. An XXXXXXL uniform is being made for larger UK workers.

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9. Laser beam technology is to be used by financial traders to shave time off deals.

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10. Six million feral pigs live in the US.

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