Paper Monitor: Playing at being young

Paper Monitor is always keeping its eye out for new things to do.

So it was with interest that one read the National Trust's list of 50 things to do before you are 11-and-three-quarters in the Daily Telegraph.

Yes, we know Paper Monitor is, ahem, just a little older than that. But nobody wants to feel like they've missed out.

It turns out things haven't moved on too much. Although activities include star gazing, exploring a cave and rock climbing, it's playing Poohsticks, climbing trees and camping that are the favourites.

For those that want to know more, rolling down a big hill makes second on the list, skimming a stone is number five, and running around in the rain makes the grade at number six.

Paper Monitor must be feeling old today, because it's struck by another story in the Daily Mail which suggests it has found the secret to eternal youth.

"Think computer games rot your brain? Think again. Playing one for just ten hours could actually make your mind three years younger, scientists claim - and the effects last for at least a year," it says.

Meanwhile, plenty of papers report a much more grown-up study about "pointless jargon" and other top irritations in the workplace.

According to the Daily Express, "meaningless management-speak and all-staff emails" are the biggest bugbears.

Phrases such as "thinking outside the box" and "going forward" are some of the most overused jargon, while arriving late and gossiping about colleagues are a surefire way to get people's backs up.

Leaving food and dirty plates on office desks also gets on nerves.

Sometimes it's a difficult business being a grown-up.

Paper Monitor wonders whether it would raise too many eyebrows if it went and climbed a tree at lunch.