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South Sudan crisis, Saudi Arabia's French connection and a Russian naval boom

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The National Review's Tom Rogan responds to an Anne Applebaum piece in the Washington Post foreseeing a new "Great Power" conflict between US and European democracy and Russian and Chinese authoritarianism. She doesn't see the need for a new Cold War mentality, however. Rogan counters that the dangers facing the West are as great as those during the Cold War and what the democratic nations are really facing are challenges from the "statist authoritarians" of Russia and China as well as from "ideological fascists" of Islamist extremism.

South Sudan

Time to resolve ethnic conflicts - The African Union's Abdul Mohammed and World Peace Foundation Director Alex de Waal write that time is running out for South Sudan, unless its leaders can put aside petty differences and pull the nation together.


Prognosis from the dentist's chair - Alaa Al Aswany, an Egyptian dentist and novelist, shares his experiences fixing the teeth of the Egyptian ruling class and what it has taught him about Egypt's hope for progress.


Politics on the Orient Express - Hurriyet Daily News' Nuray Mert writes that Turkey's corruption scandal reflects a collapse of democracy in developing countries.

Saudi Arabia

France looks to supplant the US - Mohammed Ballout writes in the Lebanese Paper As-Safir (as translated by Al-Monitor) that reports of a recent arms deal between France and Saudi Arabia are a further indication that France is "exploiting the chill in US-Saudi relations".


How to leapfrog to the future - Barnik Maitra and Adil Zainulbhai write that India's advances in healthcare show that the nation can use technology to improve Indian lives across the board.


The tragedy of Nouri al-Maliki - Commentary's Max Boot writes that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki needs to implement a "comprehensive counterinsurgency campaign", but he "lacks the acumen to do that", and the US can't help because it foolishly withdrew from Iraq in 2011.


Russia's navy rising - For the first time since the Cold War, writes the US Naval War College's Tom Fedyszyn, Russia is making a serious effort to modernise its naval forces.

One more thing…

Social media may not be as big as we think - The Independent's Max Benwell writes that the membership numbers of Facebook and Twitter may be concealing a less impressive truth.

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