Overlooked stories: Echo Chambers Readers react

Mayor Rob Ford at a Toronto City Council meeting on November 15, 2013.
Image caption There's more to Canada than Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Last week, I posted what some columnists and commentators thought were the most overlooked stories of the day. I concluded by asking readers for their ideas. Here's a sampling of your replies:

It's the economy, stupid

The biggest overlooked story in America is jobs. Americans can take just about anything, but the reason why everything is so bad now is because there aren't enough good jobs. Nothing is being done by lawmakers to create or bring back jobs. Our whole life the American Dream was powered by manufacturing. Now that that manufacturing is vanishing, so is the American Dream, which is America. - LucyJ

Apathy is dangerous. Land of the free. Free from what? A land where the circus never left town. The show must go on, and many are resigned to just watching the show. They've been sold a never ending ticket of illusion. Stark contrasts are evident, them and us, division of culture, of wealth, of economic prosperity. "Nobody left behind" only refers to the battlefield. I'll just sit and watch. - Timmy

International security state

To what degree is the international security state, public and private, rendering democracy an impotent force? Is it more malign against the will of the people than unlimited private and often secret financing of campaigns? Is it worse now than then? - Tinkersdamn

Robotics and 3D Printers

Robotics will change the world because factories will no longer be using people to make items. 3D printers will make it possible for people at home to make items. People who know how to make robots and program 3D computers will be in demand - bepa

The BBC's Alex Hudson has an interesting look at 3D printing, and the potential piracy of 3D printed items.

Resistant bacteria

The rise of multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria could push the world into an era of healthcare where people die in droves from diseases and procedures that are currently curable and routine. It could be like Flemming had never discovered penicillin! Many of the readers here probably know someone who is alive today thanks to these massively misused wonder-drugs. - Phil

Education costs

The soaring price tag of higher education is on the mind of several readers.

The cost is higher each year and employment opportunities for students to pay these loans is less and less. This is an issue that involves all stories listed above. There is no political party that will address this. This issue will bring the next financial crisis. - Mark

In 2005 the Republicans were bribed into passing a law making unregulated high interest private student loans inadmissible in bankruptcy. With the following economic crisis, nearly all college graduates send their entire paychecks off to student loan banks instead of spending money on goods and homes. We all suffer as a result. - Jack1236

Liberal education Nazis

And then there's education of another sort...

A great story that goes all but unreported is how liberal Nazis have taken over American education from kindergarten through graduate school and how if you don't rehash their mantra you are doomed academically. The reason for this would be the overwhelmingly liberal press. Liberals demand tolerance, but refuse to practice it. We are headed for another civil war. - madisonpaine

Gun control

With the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre approaching, one reader thinks the gun control issue has disappeared from the national debate.

The most under-reported story for me is that a year after 20 6-year-olds were massacred in Sandy Hook, no meaningful federal legislation has been passed and on average over 30 people a day continue to be killed by guns in US. It beggars belief that people have gone back to their daily routines as if nothing happened. I feel so bad for the parents of those youngsters. - Julian Rawle

Regional coverage gaps

Some readers had specific critiques for BBC's coverage of the world.

BBC news is severely under-reporting on Canada. There's Rob Ford, and ... ? Australia and Canada are roughly equal in size, population and global significance. And yet when I look at the front page for the Asia section: five Australian stories currently. This for a section that covers all of Asia! And yet there are zero (0) Canadian stories on the front page of the section whose name is 50% "Canada"! - neuebiene

BBCNews seems to update stories on Latin America less frequently than any other area. Often, there is only one new story a day. These stories are no less significant to our world than stories about Europe, Asia or the US. Why do you ignore half of the world in your English-language version? - ArchivesLady

Answering with a question

Reader Dan S notes that it's not so much what we aren't reporting as it is what we are reporting:

What stories got more coverage than they deserved to avoid giving coverage to stories that the mainstream media wanted to avoid? Why isn't there as much analysis of the concentration of wealth as there is of who won or lost on some "reality" show? And which is ultimately more important - and why don't the media (and their corporate owners) want us to think about it?

I encourage readers to keep the ideas coming - both in the comments and through our Echo Chambers email, echochambers@bbc.co.uk. We'll revisit this question in the days to come.

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