World weighs in on Iranian nuclear deal

Foreign ministers from the US, Germany, France and China congratulate each other after an agreement on Iran's nuclear program was announced.

Global reaction to the recently announced agreement between Iran and the UN Security Council permanent members (plus Germany!) is coming in fast and furious - with furious being the operative word for Israel and many Arab states.

BBC Monitoring has a full roundup of what commentators and editorial pages are saying, but here's a taste:

The agreement "undermined the efforts by the Zionists, the White House and their allies to end Iran's enrichment process". - Iran's Javan.

"The agreement is like Swiss cheese - full of holes." - Israel's Yedioth Ahronoth.

The deal leaves Arab Gulf countries "naked before the growing power of nuclear Iran and its disclosed ambitions." - Saudi Arabia's Al-Riyadh.

In Iran, the general consensus seems to be that Iran stood toe-to-toe with the greatest powers in the world and did not back down. The hardline Jomhur-ye Eslami called it "undoubtedly a success for the Iranian people," while the moderate Mardom Salari writes that "negotiations ended in Iran's favour".

While Iranian reaction has been almost uniformly optimistic, with its negotiating team being welcomed like returning heroes at Tehran's airport, the US take is being filtered through the ever-present prism of domestic politics. I'll take an in-depth look at what Americans are saying later today.