IPP Prisoner: 'I thought about ending my own life'

Shaun Lloyd was convicted of a street robbery in 2006 and handed an IPP - an Imprisonment for Public Protection.

This was a minimum sentence given to repeat offenders like Shaun.

In Shaun's case he had previously been in a young offender's institution for assault.

To be released IPP prisoners must prove to a parole board they no longer pose a serious risk to society.

This kind of sentence was abolished in 2012 but more than 3,000 of these prisoners remain inside.

Shaun was recalled to prison in 2016 and served a further 9 months.

IPP prisoners can apply to have their licence cancelled after 10 years.

Shaun says support from his family got him through but as he tells the Today programme the uncertainty has driven some of his friends to suicide.

Videojournalist: Claudia Headon and Zoe Conway

BBC News