Woman kept alive for six days with no lungs

A woman was kept alive with no lungs for six days while she waited for a transplant in April last year.

It is thought to be the first operation of its kind in the world and she was kept alive with a small, artificial lung.

Melissa Benoit, who lives in Canada, had developed life-threatening complications as a result of her cystic fibrosis.

She said: “In my mid-20s I started developing lung infections, and I acquired influenza with this bout which put me in respiratory distress.”

Melissa was given hours to live, until doctors undertook the pioneering surgery which she was told had a “small chance” of saving her life.

“I had to live on life support with no lungs for six days while I awaited suitable donor lungs. There was a lot of excitement when I came to, that, wow, this actually worked and we saved her,” added Melissa.

This clip is originally from 5 live Breakfast on Saturday 28 January 2017