Billionaire NBA owner mixes big data, basketball and Bollywood

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is hosting its All-Star game in New York this weekend. It's a chance for the games brightest stars to shine on one of the sport's biggest stages. Off the court, Indian billionaire Vivek Ranadive has shown some impressive moves of his own.

Ranadive is the first Indian owner of an NBA team, the Sacramento Kings. He's been working hard to bring a bit of Bollywood flare to the NBA, while selling the sport back home to his cricket-loving countrymen. He says basketball is a true post-colonial sport, compared to other favourites like football.

Ranadive, an engineer who made his fortune in software, is doing it all with a mix of mathematics and pure hustle. The BBC's Brajesh Upadhyay takes him on one-on-one, in this report.

Filmed and edited by John Landy

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