What happens when you take away Louisianans' coffee?

How would you feel if your favourite coffee shop closed?

Independent coffee shop Highland Coffees, a cornerstone of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was poised to close this coming December over a lease dispute.

But the town's residents came out in their thousands, signing petitions and lobbying for its doors to remain open.

BBC Pop Up, the BBC's first mobile bureau, was in Southern Louisiana through the month of October, covering issues from feral hogs to the state's disappearing coastline.

The three-person BBC team was stopped several times during their stay by Baton Rouge residents, asking if the journalists would cover the story of their community coffee shop while in the region.

As an experiment, BBC journalist Matt Danzico created the team's most hyperlocal story to date, ultimately finding a much wider discussion on what it means for a town to lose its sense of community.

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