BBC Pop Up: Louisiana's vanishing 'voodoo spells'

Over the past decade Paul Lahaye has collected dozens of voodoo spells tucked inside bottles he found floating in the murky waters of the Vermilion River in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The former river worker says there is a rich heritage of voodoo culture within the region's Cajun and Creole communities.

The inscriptions on the "bottle spells" pertain to mundane troubles such as poverty and legal issues - a desperately poor Louisianan may not be able to afford a good lawyer to keep him out of prison, so he turns to voodoo.

During the past two years, however, the spells have all but vanished from the waters Lahaye searches.

BBC Pop Up video journalist Matt Danzico journeyed to Lafayette to find out more about voodoo culture and whether the way it's being practiced is changing.