BBC Pop Up: Documenting the first month in Boulder

The BBC Pop Up team spent the whole of September in Boulder, Colorado, reporting on stories which local people said they wanted to share with a global audience.

We looked at serious issues including sexual assaults on college campuses and the effectiveness of the state's gun control laws. We heard remarkable stories of survival and recovery after a devastating flood a year ago. And residents told us how an affordable housing crisis is forcing them to choose between social and environmental values.

The Pop Up bureau chief Matt Danzico put these stories together - along with a guide to how the project got started - for a documentary which ran on BBC World News.

The team has moved on to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for October but you can see the full-length versions of all the Boulder stories here. And you can tell the team what stories we should be reporting on and find out more about the project on the behind-the-scenes blog.

Produced by the BBC's Benjamin Zand, Matt Danzico, Franz Strasser and David Botti

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