How to stop stink bugs: Radar tracks infestation

Anybody who has dealt with an infestation of stink bugs in their home knows what a nuisance these armoured insects can be. They can cluster in thousands and release a foul odour if they're squashed or threatened.

But for farmers, they can be devastating. Unlike many insects that rely on one plant for food, Asian stink bugs eat pretty much anything. In 2010, one of the worst outbreaks on record, the insects cost the US apple industry an estimated $37m (£24m).

Now researchers at the US Department of Agriculture are trying to find ways to control stink bugs before they emerge from their winter hibernation. But because this type of stink bug is a recent arrival to the US, scientists are still learning about its habits and feeding patterns.

Jane O'Brien went to the USDA's Appalachian Fruit Research Station in West Virginia where much of the research is being carried out.