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Webscape: Wedding photos sharing app

Kate Russell's weekly review of the best apps and websites.

It is often the informal photos at a wedding that capture the really precious moments. At Wedpics you can make your own private space to invite wedding guests to share all their photos from the day to ensure you have saved the very best pictures to create the perfect album to share.

PlanetInAction have been experimenting with ways to play with Google Earth's amazing 3D model of the globe and have a stunning collection of toys to show for their efforts including ship and helicopter simulators and mapping traffic flow and tides in the oceans.

Security is very important when it comes to your smartphone and the free android app Don't Touch My Droid takes a novel approach by making a loud alarm noise when the handset is disturbed.

Another intriguing automation for your android was released this week called Snapcat. It puts a dancing red dot on your screen when using the EyeEm photographic app to encourage cats to tap it and take a self portrait.

And YouSendIt is changing its name to Hightail to reflect a move away from a simple file transfer service to a more complete cloud offering with unlimited storage and signatures for premium customers.

Watch more clips on the Click website. If you are in the UK you can watch the whole programme on BBC iPlayer.

  • 12 Jul 2013
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