Artist Diana Al-Hadid works on one of her sculptures.
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Diana Al-Hadid: Syrian American artist reconnects with homeland in crisis

Diana Al-Hadid left Syria when she was a young child but the American artist says the violence in her homeland has forced her to reconnect.

The 31-year-old contemporary artist, whose larger than life sculptures have been shown in prestigious international galleries, describes herself as a "middle child, who moved from the Middle East to the Mid West".

Although she was born in Aleppo, Diana admits she is very Americanised. It was via Disney's "Aladdin" movie, she jokes, that she first learned about one of the classic Arabic stories.

But with the violence in Syria in the news every day now, Diana tells the BBC how she is looking back at her roots and trying to reconnect with her own identity.

Produced by Anna Bressanin. Camera by Giuseppe Malpasso.

  • 26 Mar 2012
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