Unverified picture purporting to show tanks in Homs
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'Despair and hysteria in Homs'

Residents of the Syrian city of Homs, which has been under bombardment from government forces for five days, are despairing of their situation, the BBC's correspondent there says.

Paul Wood, who has now managed to leave the city, says people are becoming hysterical. Food is running out, and people say they are unable to leave their homes without coming under fire.

These pictures purport to show the city of Homs today, but have not been filmed by the BBC and so cannot be verified.

Watch other reports from the BBC team inside Homs below.

BBC team smuggled into Homs

Paul Wood and cameraman Fred Scott report from inside the city as it comes under bombardment.

Reporting under fire in Homs

The BBC's Paul Wood reports from inside Homs where he says rocket launchers were being used against the city.

'Shelling is constant, every few seconds'

Eyewitnesses say a field clinic was hit and that most of the casualties have been civilians.

'Everybody in Homs is staying inside'

Paul Wood says there are reports that Russian-made tanks inside Homs are firing on residents

People inside Homs 'feel trapped'

A mother in Homs: 'The outside world won't help us'

  • 08 Feb 2012