Syria crisis: Army steps up Homs shelling

Residents in the restive Syrian city of Homs are suffering one of the fiercest assaults from government troops since the uprising began.

Diplomatic efforts at the UN Security Council to try to stop the violence are in disarray.

China and Russia have defended their decisions to veto a draft UN resolution on Syria.

The BBC's Paul Wood, and cameraman Fred Scott, are among the few foreign journalists to report from inside Homs.

Watch other reports from the BBC team inside Homs below.

Paul Wood and cameraman Fred Scott report from inside the city as it comes under bombardment.

The BBC's Paul Wood reports from inside Homs where he says rocket launchers were being used against the city.

Paul Wood says there are reports that Russian-made tanks inside Homs are firing on residents

Paul Wood and the BBC team managed to 'slip out' of the city overnight during a pause in the bombardment.

A mother in Homs: 'The outside world won't help us'

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