Rio's new favela cable car causes controversy

Rio de Janeiro's construction frenzy ahead of the 2016 Olympics is bringing change and chaos to many areas, but nowhere is the makeover more intense than in the city's long abandoned harbour area.

After decades at a standstill, the harbour is now the focus of the city's ambitious "Marvellous Port" redevelopment project, inspired by successful port revitalisations such as those of Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

Approximately $2.5bn (£1.6bn/2.1bn euros) is being invested to rebuild infrastructure, upgrade transportation and establish two new museums.

The aim is to make the port attractive to businesses, residents and visitors alike in time for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Among the improvements is a controversial new $30m (£20m/25.5m euros) cable car over Rio's oldest favela.

Julia Carneiro took a ride to find out more.