LatAm Beats: The Panamanian who pulls no punches

Cienfue is a guitarist and singer from Panama who mixes his country's folk music with popular rhythms and electric guitar, to create a modern amplified sound.

He is known for experimenting and fusing, and has been influenced by different styles including Latin-American rock, reggae, and 80s and 90s rock from the USA.

His 2010 concept album La Calma y La Tormenta offers a journey from easy listening songs to full-on drums and distorted electric guitars.

The name Cienfue was given to the artist, whose real name is Camilo Navarro, by a friend and is a reference to Camilo Cienfuegos, a Cuban revolutionary.

Cienfue's lyrics tend to be socially engaged.

"I get inspired by things that people want to say but can't, issues that society tries to silence."

Mamita, the song he performs for BBC Latam Beats, talks about the exploitation of women - and how the female image is used to sell products and women themselves.

Cienfue's music has a big following in Latin America and is a staple of Latin MTV.

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