Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico
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Ceremonies in Latin America to mark end of Mayan calendar

In Latin America, indigenous people and tourists have gathered to mark the end of the Mayan long-count calendar.

Pre-historic dances were performed in front of the pyramid at the Chichen Itza archaeological site in Yucatan, Mexico, to prepare for the arrival of the supposed new era.

While in Peru, Andeans gathered in Lima to ward off what some have interpreted as doomsday. "Life will continue; hatred and negative force are ending", said shaman Juan Osco.

Tourists and true believers gathered at the ancient city of Tikal in Guatemala, for a ceremony in which a man dressed like a Mayan priest blew a horn in the Temple of the Giant Jaguar.

Spiritual guide, Felipe Gomez, said, "We need to respect the land, the forests, the mountains, the rivers. the lakes, the lagoons, the oceans. Human beings cannot exist without the existence of these elements."

In Honduras, tourists watched a shaman perform an ancient ritual at the archaeological site of Copan.

  • 21 Dec 2012
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