Jean Harris, Pat Fisher, Dr Gilly Carr and Dr Vareka by site of mass grave
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WW2 resistance heroes' graves found after 70 years

The daughters of two men deported from Nazi-controlled Channel Islands have found their fathers' graves 70 years after the resistance heroes disappeared.

Pat Fisher and Jean Harris were just a few months old when their fathers, Joe Tierney and Joe Gillingham, were sent to Nazi prisons for secretly distributing BBC news reports.

A BBC investigation has helped them retrace their fathers' footsteps in Europe and discover how and where they died.

Pat Fisher's father was buried in a mass grave in the Sudetenland, now the Czech Republic, but was reburied in consecrated ground a few months after the war.

The investigation helped uncover footage of this burial from the Czech Republic National Film Archive.

Finding Our Fathers - Lost Heroes of World War Two is on BBC One South West on Friday 6 May at 19:30 BST and on the iPlayer for 30 days thereafter.

  • 06 May 2016