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Swedish 'serial killer' acquitted of murders

Sture Bergwall, a self-confessed serial killer convicted of eight murders between 1994 and 2001, has been acquitted following a re-trial in Sweden.

Mr Bergwall, who had given himself the name Thomas Quick, had been held in a high-security psychiatric unit in Sweden when he confessed to the murders, including those of three children, while undergoing therapy.

Over the course of multiple trials, he told the jury brutal stories of stabbings, rape, dismemberment and cannibalism.

However, there was never any forensic evidence linking him to the murders, and in 2008 Bergwall withdrew his confessions, which led to a review of the crimes.

In July a Swedish judge acquitted Bergwall of the eighth and final standing conviction, which paved the way for his release.

The BBC World Service's Julian Marshall spoke to Sture Bergwall through a translator, following his release.