Gallipoli centenary: Letters from my grandfather

Gallipoli, a major allied failure in the First World War, looms large in Australia and New Zealand's collective memory.

It is seen by many as a key event in the emergence of national identities for both countries.

Anzac Day - 25 April - is probably Australia's most important national occasion, and this year's marks the centenary of the bloody battle on the Turkish peninsula.

Despite the brutality of Gallipoli, which saw 55,000 Allied troops and 86,000 Turkish soldiers die, an impromptu ceasefire in September 1915 saw letters and gifts exchanged by the two sides.

Artist Idris Murphy's grandfather was one of those who survived the campaign and took part in the exchange.

Idris Murphy spoke to BBC News about how his grandfather's experiences inspired him to lead a group of Australian artists to Turkey to commemorate the temporary breakout of peace at Gallipoli.

Video journalist: Becca Leaver