'Car park pimping' and music festivals in Botswana

BBC Radio 1Xtra's DJ Edu is on a journey to find the Best Nightclub in Africa, as part of the BBC's A Richer World season.

Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, would not appear to most likely place to find a great nightlife.

Compared to most African capitals, it is a ghost town. And the nightclub scene is particularly hindered by a rise in alcohol taxes and restrictions on opening hours.

But young people there continue to party. If they're not escaping the city to enjoy outdoor music festivals, where the laws are more loosely enforced, then you're likely to find them "car park pimping" - informal parties where hundreds of cars crowd round to blast out tunes from their stereos.

Music tracks used in this piece: Hey U ft A.T.I by DJ Kuchi, Erongo by Team Distant, Ambuye by DJ Gouveia.

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