CCTV of Dewani meeting man convicted of arranging wife's murder

The defence team of Shrien Dewani, the British man accused of organising the murder of his wife on their honeymoon in South Africa, have told his trial in Cape Town that Mr Dewani was the victim of a botched hijacking for ransom.

Mr Dewani's lawyers have just finished questioning Zola Tongo, the taxi driver who claims Mr Dewani paid him to organise the murder of his wife Anni.

Tongo, who has already been convicted for his part in Anni's murder, told the court that the idea that he and others were planning to kidnap Anni for ransom was 'nonsense'.

Mr Dewani denies having any involvement in his wife's murder.

The BBC's Tom Burridge reports on how CCTV footage is being used by both the prosecution, and the defence.

BBC News