An African Answer: Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa

In the 1990s, Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa led opposing militias, dedicated to defending their respective communities as violence broke out in northern Nigeria.

Pastor James lost his hand and Imam Ashafa's spiritual mentor and two close relatives were killed.  For years, both Ashafa and Wuye vowed to avenge the deaths and injuries of their loved ones by killing each other.

A chance meeting in 1995 brought the two clerics together with their astonishing reconciliation and subsequent work for peace in Nigeria shown in the award-winning 2006 film 'The Imam and the Pastor'.

A new film released this week 'An African Answer' shows their struggle to bring reconciliation in Kenya's Rift Valley Province after the post-election violence in 2008, when around 1,000 people were killed and tens of thousands displaced from their homes and farms.

Pastor James and Imam Ashafa spoke to Madeleine Morris.