Circuit of Wales: People being sold a pipedream, MP says

A Welsh MP has described a project to build a motor racing track at Ebbw Vale as an "outrage" and said people were being "sold a pipedream".

Monmouth Conservative MP David Davies told the Commons it was "time to pull the plug" on the proposed Circuit of Wales, now projected to cost £425m.

Lawyers for the project have accused the MP of campaigning to undermine what was potentially one of Wales' most significant regeneration projects.

The Welsh Government is considering fresh proposals after it told developers to find at least half the money from private sources.

Mr Davies said that if the Welsh Government wanted to put "£200m of our money at risk", there were "better ways of doing it, and better people to be doing it with".

Speaking during a Welsh Affairs debate on Thursday, he said he was concerned that the project costs seemed to keep increasing with little to show for £9m of public money already spent.

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