Welsh election: Labour vows 'no income tax rise in Covid recovery'

Mark Drakeford has promised not to increase income tax while the economy is recovering from the impacts of coronavirus if his party is re-elected into government at the Senedd election.

The Welsh Labour leader pledged to create a "stronger, greener, fairer Wales" if in power after the 6 May vote.

Speaking during an interview with BBC Wales, Mr Drakeford said: "For the foreseeable future, because the economic consequences of coronavirus are not going to be over in just a few weeks or months, there will be no income tax rises with a Welsh Labour government."

He rejected a suggestion that his party's manifesto left voters unclear about the party’s policy on income tax raises in the later years of the Senedd term.

Mr Drakeford said "it would be wrong to tie the hands of any government” over income tax.