World War Two 'land girls' memories added to archives

The memories of World War Two veterans and "land girls" are some of the stories to contribute to the West Wales Veterans Archive.

Land girls was the name given to women who worked on the land whilst men were away fighting during World War Two.

Landing on Juno Beach on D-Day, handing memos to Winston Churchill and working as a "land girl" in the Women's Land Army are just some of the remarkable memories of these women.

At just 17 years old, Jean McKay, got a job working for the Home Office in Whitehall where she had an important task at the start of every day.

"I had a medical and an intelligence test, then they said to me 'you can be a cook or a meteorologist'," she recalls.

"Well in those days I had no idea what a meteorologist was, but it sounded a darn sight better than a cook so I said I'd do that."

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