First Minister moved out of home for lockdown
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Coronavirus: First minister moved out of home for lockdown

Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford says has not lived in his own house throughout lockdown.

He said family members had "serious conditions" and he could have posed a danger to them.

"I spend my time with other people, so I'm quite a danger to people who oughtn't to be doing that," Mr Drakeford said.

He said close family members did get coronavirus and the most difficult week of the last few months was trying to balance work with concern about the health of loved ones.

"I work most of the time, so balancing the demands of people you're close to and knowing what they are going through as well as everything you have to do here - you know, those are tough days," he said.

His family members didn't get seriously ill but he said: "You don't know that day in, day out as it's happening to you and you leave at about seven in the morning and you don't get back till half past seven at night and you think quite a lot about what else you'd like to be able to do to help."

Mr Drakeford said dealing with the pandemic had been "relentless" because "the pace of it never seems to slack and there are very important decisions to be made every day of the week".

He said he's good sleeper generally, "but you do sometimes find yourself waking up in the night where you go from being fast asleep to wide awake in a single second. And the thing that's in your mind, is that really difficult decision that's waiting for you to make."

  • 10 Jul 2020
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