Richard Parks: How he set two world records in the South Pole

For 29 days, including last Christmas Day, Richard Parks’ life was ski, eat, sleep… repeat.

The Welsh adventurer battled hunger and fatigue as well as the freezing temperatures and icy blizzards of the South Pole.

However it proved worth it when he set two world records.

Parks has now made the most journeys and skied the greatest distance (2,229m/3,700km) solo, unsupported and unassisted in Antarctica.

The former Wales rugby international, forced to retire in 2010 through injury, was due to be presented with his titles during a Six Nations game last month.

But the match was called off due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“I was so looking forward to that moment at the Principality Stadium, but that seems trivial now with everything going on,” Parks said.

However the records are to be featured in the 2021 edition of the Guinness World Records book.