Seagrass: A million seeds planted off Pembrokeshire coast

Experts say seagrass helps tackle the effects of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide faster than trees, so a million seagrass seeds are being planted off Pembrokeshire.

Scientists hope the project at Dale Bay will create a huge new meadow and also help boost fish numbers and support marine wildlife.

It is part of Britain's largest project to save the "wonder plant".

Up to 92% of the plant may have disappeared from the UK's coast over the last century, research has found.

"Planting seagrass is an opportunity to reverse that loss and start to kick into action a recovery for our seas around the UK," says Dr Richard Unsworth, from Swansea University.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Sky Ocean Rescue and Swansea University say the underwater plant is key to reducing carbon dioxide - a gas which contributes to global warming.