'Wales is more than sheep, leeks and Welsh cakes'

The way Welsh culture is viewed needs to change, according to musician Reuel Elijah, 22, from Grangetown, Cardiff.

While he has been "blessed and quite fortunate" not to encounter racism, he feels Welsh culture has a dated image.

"They mention sheep, they mentions leeks, Welsh cakes and the woman with the hat and the apron. And I feel Wales is much more than that. Not to disregard that. I think there's history that needs to be added on to that," he said.

Mr Elijah added: "Grangetown is quite diverse - with your Asian community, African, Somalian, Caribbean community. You're around these people all the time, it's hard to be ignorant of their cultures."

BBC Wales explores the changing face of Wales and celebrates the differences, finding for many, racial prejudice is alive and kicking.