Staff gave 'mouth to mouth' to lynx
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Staff gave 'mouth to mouth' to lynx killed at Borth zoo

Staff tried to revive a lynx which was mistakenly killed as they tried to move it into a different enclosure ahead of a council inspection, the owner of a zoo has said.

Nilly, died following a "handling error" and was given mouth to mouth in a bid to save her after the incident at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom, Ceredigion.

She was being moved ahead of an inspection of the zoo, after another lynx, Lilleth escaped last month.

Lilleth was "humanely destroyed" by Ceredigion council on Friday.

Tracy Tweedy, owner of Borth Wild Animal Kingdom, said: "It was horrific, I can't explain how bad everybody feels about this."

  • 13 Nov 2017
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