Queen presents Welsh soldiers leeks for St David's Day

The Queen has presented leeks to The Royal Welsh regiment to mark St David's Day this week.

Cadets, troops and veterans received the traditional Welsh symbol, which had been wrapped in a red thread and dipped in gold.

As Colonel-in-Chief she told the regiment that it was a "great pleasure" to celebrate St David's Day with them.

She also said soldiers are now more engaging with her - suggesting that she has become "less frightening" with age.

Dressed in a heather wool tweed coat by Karl Ludwig, the Queen stood on the dais of the parade square at Lucknow Barracks in Tidworth, Wiltshire, to take the royal salute before the national anthem was played.

The Queen has been associated with The Royal Welsh and its former regiments, The Royal Welch Fusiliers and The Royal Regiment of Wales, since her coronation.