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Breast cancer differences drug hope

A study of genetic errors in types of mouse breast cells led by Cardiff University is bringing the prospect of personalised treatments for breast cancer closer, researchers say.

The study was able to replicate almost the entire spectrum of aggressive breast cancer coming from one cell type.

The work involves a genetic "trick" to study how one generic error manifested itself in two difference cell types, and what happened when different errors were present in just one cell type.

Dr Matt Smalley, the lead researcher from Cardiff School of Biosciences, told BBC Radio Wales: "It's a step towards personalised medicine.

"If we can understand what are those underlying cellular and genetic differences to individual breast cancers, we can start to see a particular treatment might be good for one patient but it's not actually good for another patient."

Dr Smalley was talking to Good Morning Wales' Felicity Evans.

  • 31 Mar 2014
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