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Russell Crowe tells of his love for Pembrokeshire at premiere

An Oscar-winning Hollywood star, with roots in Wales, has told of his love for Pembrokeshire after filming there.

Actor Russell Crowe, who has been in Cardiff promoting his latest movie, said the west Wales coast reminded him of his home in Australia.

The Gladiator star spent weeks in Pembrokeshire in 2009 while filming Robin Hood.

"I loved Pembrokeshire, it is fantastic," he said.

"Me and Cate Blanchett were standing on the beach one day and we were looking down the full length of the beach and the yellow sand and the sun came out - it was a gorgeous day.

"She was standing there with her hands on her hips and she said, 'Does this remind you of home?' and I said yes it does.

"She said, 'I suppose that is why it was New South Wales then' and we both had a laugh together. It is very much like the coastal beaches of Australia."

Crowe walked the red carpet in Cardiff on Saturday for the premiere of his new film, Noah.

He told Natasha Llewellyn why the capital had been chosen.