Lifeboat launch
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Aberystwyth lifeboat rescues wave photographer

A 21-year-old man had to be rescued by lifeboat after becoming stranded while taking photographs of waves at the end of a wooden jetty in Aberystwyth on Saturday.

The man became trapped causing several worried onlookers to dial 999.

Police and coastguard teams were unable to reach him and he was eventually pulled to safety by an RNLI volunteer who escorted him down a ladder and into the lifeboat.

A spokesperson for Aberystwyth RNLI said: "Whilst the extreme sea conditions are attracting people to the coastline, we repeat our warning to the public stay safe and to keep away from the shore line and dangerous waves.

"This incident highlights the dangers posed not only to the man taking photos, but also the danger that our volunteer crew members and other emergency services have been placed in rescuing this man."

Here is RNLI video of the lifeboat being launched and the waves hitting the jetty.

  • 05 Jan 2014