John Hill and his son who is also called John
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'Nothing learnt' from Wales football fan John Hill's flare death

A man whose father was killed by a flare at a football ground says "nothing has been learnt" from the tragedy 20 years ago.

John Hill, from Merthyr Tydfil, was standing next to his father, also John, when he was struck at the end of a Wales football game in November 1993.

Two Wrexham men were later jailed for three years but flares and smoke cannisters have still been let off at football matches in recent times.

Mr Hill said it was saddening that lessons had not been learned.

Speaking publicly about the tragedy for the first time, Mr Hill told BBC Wales' Jason Mohammad how he had desperately tried to save his father's life.

Hear the full interview on the Jason Mohammad Show on BBC Radio Wales from 10:00 GMT on Thursday, 14 November.

  • 13 Nov 2013