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Cyclist Matt Turner filmed road rage threat

More than 50% of drivers in Wales have claimed to be victims of road rage, according to a BBC Wales survey.

The poll for the BBC Wales' Week In, Week Out found 51% of motorists had been abused by other road users.

The UK government has introduced a £100 fixed penalty to try to tackle offences like tailgating and lane hogging - driving which can lead to road rage.

But some police officials have questioned if officers have enough resources to enforce the new penalties.

Cyclist Matt Turner, a college student from Prestatyn, Denbighshire, caught road rage directed at him on camera and tells his story.

The driver who is featured in this video was given a police caution. He refused to apologise to Mr Turner.

More on road rage on Week In, Week Out on BBC One Wales at 22:35 GMT on Tuesday 29 October.

Over half motorists suffer road rage